Our Story


Limala is the vision of Samira Mahboub and Zaid Charkaoui, celebrating Moroccan’s artisanal culture via highlighting the beauty behind the art of rug making within broader cultural storytelling. While we both feel deeply connected to our Moroccan heritage but are based in Berlin, it felt very organic to create a project allowing us to share our understanding of Morocco with the world. We travelled through the Atlas Mountains in search for places known for their artisanal communities specialising in rug making, and are now co-creating with small family businesses. Understanding the responsibility that comes along with engaging with Moroccan artisans, our core mission is to have a mutually uplifting work relationship with the artisans we work with, finding ways to deconstruct the postcolonial economic dependency of these rural communities. Ultimately, we are building an inclusive, mindful and conscious community with our customers and collaborators through Limala.

 "When I think of Morocco, I feel its red warm earth running through my fingers, knowing this is where my hands belong. This is where my hands unfold their destiny.

We welcome you to join our journey. 

 With love and salam,

Samira & Zaid